I Think My Car Is Releasing Too Much Exhaust

If you believe that your car is releasing too much exhaust, drive straight to MD Auto Repair so we can inspect the engine. To be completely honest, if you can see your exhaust, there’s a problem. You should never be able to see your exhaust. Excessive exhaust that is either white, blue, or black is an indication that you have a serious fluid leak in the engine. Let’s talk more about this below.


For example, your engine is burning excess fuel if you see black exhaust smoke flowing out of the tailpipe. You may have a fuel leak in the engine that could cause an engine fire. In the cases of severe fuel leaks, drivers have reported seeing sparks coming out of their tailpipes along with the black smoke. Rather than take chances, call for a tow truck to tow your vehicle to our shop if your automobile is releasing a ton of black exhaust smoke when you drive it.


You should also call for a tow truck if your car, truck, or C/SUV is releasing blue exhaust, but the reason why you should call for a tow truck is different. Continuing to drive your automobile when it is spewing blue exhaust can cause serious damage to the engine. The reason why is that motor oil creates blue exhaust, so your engine has a serious oil leak. Driving an automobile with leaking oil can kill the engine in less than 30 minutes if the oil supply is depleted.


The same is true with white exhaust. Continuing to drive your automobile could damage the engine by cracking the engine block. White exhaust means that your engine is hemorrhaging coolant. Chances are, you have a serious leak in the cooling system or a cracked head gasket. If you continue to drive your engine, it will overheat and crack the engine block. This is serious damage that requires a partial engine rebuild at a minimum to repair the problem.


Finally, as we mentioned above, your exhaust should be clear. You may be able to see the exhaust when it is cold outside, but other than that, you shouldn’t see anything coming out of your tailpipe. If you do, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can inspect the engine and the exhaust system.

We are MD Auto Repair in Kansas City, MO, and we are here to help, so give us a call today.

Photo by Daniel Tadevosyan from Getty Images via Canva Pro