How Can I Tell if My Exhaust System Is Having Problems?

An excellent rule of thumb is to have your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s exhaust system inspected every one to two years. We here at MD Auto Repair recommend an annual exhaust system inspection to catch problems while they are minor. Ignoring your exhaust system can cause major problems that can be expensive to repair. Let’s talk more about exhaust system problems below.

Excessive Engine Heat

If your engine is overheating constantly and you smell burning rubber or plastic coming from it, you have a cracked exhaust manifold gasket in the engine. When this gasket cracks, it exposes the engine to scorching exhaust. Consequently, this overheats the engine and melts nearby parts that are made of materials that are susceptible to heat.

Excessive Engine Noise

If your engine is extremely loud, it’s time to replace the muffler. As its name suggests, the muffler muffles the engine noise so your vehicle remains in compliance with noise abatement laws. If the muffler gets a hole in it, your engine will get extremely loud and it will rumble. Unfortunately, you may end up with a moving violation ticket if you don’t get the muffler replaced.

Fuel or Exhaust Odors

Never drive your automobile if you can smell fuel or exhaust inside of it. This is a sign that your exhaust system is leaking or that it has been clogged by carbon deposits. If you continue to operate your car, truck, or utility vehicle, you run the risk of inhaling carbon monoxide. It’s better to have your vehicle towed to our shop if you can smell fuel or exhaust in the passenger cabin.

Poor Engine Performance

An exhaust system that is clogged by carbon deposits or leaking can also fill the engine with exhaust gases. This creates problems in the combustion chamber, and, as such, your engine’s performance will suffer. The engine will lag and struggle to run and your acceleration will seem as if it is not responding.

Visible Tailpipe Damage

Finally, your exhaust system can suffer if the tailpipe is damaged. It makes sense that the tailpipe is susceptible to damage because of where it is located. Road debris can fly up and dent the tailpipe or knock a hole in it. Your tailpipe can also be knocked off of its brackets if you hit it on a speed bump or other incline.

MD Auto Repair in Kansas City, MO, is here to help, so call us today to schedule an appointment for an exhaust system inspection if it has been more than a year since the last inspection.

Photo by welcomia from Getty Images via Canva Pro